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1 Day Shadow Work Challenge

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While building with brother @shaddowmusic on his podcast SRA Rally Point, he asked " Why should we do Shadow Work?" Within each of us resides both light & shadow and both hold equal importance because as spiritual beings we embody a multifaceted duality. Shadow work asks us to explore the times we feel and project shame, the times we are self loathing, anxious, have anxiety, are abusive to others, are judgmental of others, experience insecurity, display negativity, conceal ourselves in order to fit societal molds, protect our vulnerabilities, uphold status quo ( and more). It asks us to examine the different masks we wear in public all the while behaving contrary to our facade when alone or among those whom we trust. Shadow work serves as a path to understand the intricate 'who,' 'what,' 'how,' and 'why' of our personal intimate life & existence. It's about laying every aspect of yourself on the table—engaging, examining, comprehending, accepting, and integrating all facets of our energy. It offers a clearer, fuller picture of ourselves, that can remain obscured when we hide our darker aspects or suppress our inherent gifts and beauties. Through shadow work, we empower ourselves with choices and get to decide who we actually are and want to be, rather than being governed by triggered responses, unknown trauma, or existing in survival mode. It's a lifelong journey, a conscious commitment to self-discovery and self healing. This practice nurtures personal growth, self awareness and more... benefiting not only ourselves but also those around us. As uncomfortable and even jarring as it is at first to truly witness the truth of ourselves, eventually it is an extremely enlightening, empowering, and freeing experience as well!

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