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Djedi NAZ 

Holistic / Soul Therapist

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I am a Holistic Therapist and a Reiki Master Teacher with a profound focus on Herbalism and Energy Work. I hold certifications in Sound Healing, Shadow Work, and Inner Child Healing, and I bring over 15 years of expertise as a Cognitive Skills Trainer, complemented by a Master's Degree in Social Psychology.

As a Holistic therapist, I am not just a practitioner; I am an artist who weaves my life's experiences, educational background, boundless imagination, intuition, deep wisdom, and a keen perception of the world into captivating stories, evocative songs, enchanting poems, engaging visuals, and transformative classes. Through these creative channels, I aim to enlighten and empower individuals on their journey to self-healing, metaphysical understanding, psychological growth, and holistic living.

My dedication to my craft has led me on a journey across the nation, where I have left my mark on more than 300 diverse platforms. From open mics to schools, from intimate workshops to vibrant clubs, from serene retreats to monumental graduations, I've shared my knowledge and inspired countless souls to embrace their inner power and potential.

I am the visionary behind Inner (G) Healing Studio and the driving force behind the non-profit organization, 764 Collective. Both of these endeavors are rooted in a passionate commitment to emotional and psychological healing, designed to empower individuals from all walks of life. My primary focus centers on Black and African people of the diaspora, ensuring they receive the healing and life preparation they deserve.

My work is a beacon that has illuminated not only national stages but also international platforms. Beyond hosting workshops and retreats, I have had the privilege of offering healing clinics and gracing the airwaves of national and international radio, as well as appearing on television shows. My most recent appearance was as a guest wedding officiant on TLC's "Seeking Sister Wives," celebrating a non-traditional union in a memorable and heartwarming way.

I have also had the honor of participating as a panelist in prestigious events, sharing the stage with influential figures such as "Professor Griff" of Public Enemy, Amir Sulaiman, Dr. Ava Muhammed, and Dr. Kaba Kamene from Hidden Colors.

Inner Child Healing

As an artist, I have  the pleasure of performing at Super bowl 2012 where I  performed on stage with Madonna and Cee-Lo Green. I  have also had the pleasure of opening up for and/or performing with:
• Nikki Giovani
• Saul Williams
• Planet Asia
• Georgia Me
• M'Reld Green
• Black Ice
• Eric Roberson
• Elzhi (of Slum Villiage)
• Ursula Rucker
• The Beduion
• Chicago's Steel Black See
• New York's Black Alchemist Press
• Bilal
• Januarie York

•Native Sun

•Bashiri Asad

•Allen Imagery

• Kool's Bazaar
• Tasha Jones
• And more...


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