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When Shifts Happen, Make Room

I feel ppls energy shift all the time. I nvr impede on the shifts. I simply allow space for them. What's for me is for me. I have some really good solid ppl in my life who have taught me abt true sisterhood and friendship. How to gently communicate concerns, care for each other, love each other and TRULY support each other in word and action. We dont bond over trauma, we encourage and mentor each other. We genuinely share and celebrate each others accomplishments. We stand up for one another, ect.

Ive known some of these ppl for YEARS. We are a team of divine feminine and masculine energy circulating our powerful vibrations back and forth. I love these men and women. So when ppl are in my cipher and their energies shift ... I am instantly in gratitude for the experiences that we shared and the lessons learned and I peacefully allow inner and outer space for the transition of their energy. As space frees up in my life... I know room is being made for new high vibratory energy to enter. I feel the shift. I acknowledge it. I allow it.

I dont have to beg for love, care or support. All i have to be IS love, care, and support. As I vibrate that frequency, it is returned to me.

🙏 Ase'

Journal Entry

May 27, 2018

Naz Khalid

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