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Don't Fake It

Often times we aspire to elevate ourselves and instead of taking the time to prepare, develop and dive into the deep work that it takes to become that person in totality, we take on certain attributes and we "fake it until we make it". That is no different from wearing a costume. If we are spending time "faking it" then we are not, in effect, doing the work that is required to BECOME because we are satisfied with the results from the pretending.

#Growth #transmutation #transformation and evolution has/is an energy/feeling/vibe moreso than just a look. When you are IN the #transformational work, you are changed from the inside out and while it may look/ feel different for every person, some core things are the same for everyone as they evolve spiritually. Don't short change yourself. #Study #Learn abt it. Actively practice it. Infuse it into your life. Become one with the practices.

Purge. Detox. Be true to self. Mess up.Forgive yourself and keep pushing fwd. Feel your feelings ( even the dark ones) then transmute them into something that can work for you. Deprogram yourself. Reprogram yourself. Love yourself.

Actually heal yourself using #meditation #crystals #stones #baths #herbs #chanting #chakrabalancing #yoga affirmations #shadowwork #innerchildwork #corewoundwork #solfeggiofrequencies #prayer #love #sexmagick #tantra #kamasutra #spiritualpartnership #divination #reiki #biotuning #detoxing #Spirituality #candlemagick #plantbased food.This is all self work first and I promise, as you honestly get on this journey, you will begin to vibrate at a frequency that pushes your inner light, out.

I know this journey. Ive been on it DEEP, for some years now and it is fused into every aspect of my being and im still learning. Still evolving. Still shedding parts of me that are too small for the person im becoming.Still discovery the darkness & light chambers of me. The energy of the planet is changing, rapidly and anyone looking to rise to the next level of consciousness will have to raise their vibrations. Find someone to help you.To teach you their ancient ways. Someone you trust. Someone to guide you through the process, to remind you, to hold you accountable and GROW, beloved 💖.



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