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The Spirit of Abundance and gratitude

Today Focus on

What you have vs what you lack...

What you are vs what you are not...

Morning Reflections

It is easiest for me to accept and recieve someones words when they are delivered with the energy and spirit of authenticity AND backed by corresponding action.

Being good to ppl is easy... The energy behind and the action beyond the words spoken to me, is more important than the words themselves cld ever be.

The Law of Vibration - Affirm yourself

"...Naz, I'm impressed by you. In awe of you. Inspired by you. Proud of you. You are strange ( in a unique kind of way) and I like it, A LOT!" I always affirm and speak life and light into myself. I have since I was a young person. Its been one of secrets to my personal success and evolution and it helped me survive a precarious unstable childhood.

In my experience, it is rare to find other ppl that are willing to tell you what they ACTUALLY think or feel abt you. Sometimes the ppl close to you are in secret competition with you, intimidated by you, secretly throwing crazy shade, talking bad abt you, in their "feelings" abt you OR dnt affirm you because they feel like you already know or have already been affirmed by others and they say dnt want to stroke your ego... But

When you are out here focused on your life's mission, head up and eyes fwd w/side blinders on, doing your best to consistently be your best...

and someone special unprompted consistently offers you help, cheers you on AND offers you support (mental emotional spiritual AND physical) in the pursuit of your goals... it is so energizing and often times gives you the boost that you need in order to keep going (even when you are hella tired or feeling discouraged)! Today, im in gratitude for support and for the pathway that was cleared to make way for all of this beautiful energy that is magnetizing itself to me. Ase' O


Private Journal Entry

October 3, 2017

What are you in gratitude for today?

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