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The Infinite  Journey of Self Love

Things I wish someone taught me when I was much much younger...The path of Self love is an infinite journey not a destination. So wear comfy shoes.. I use to be afraid to be vulnerable with ppl for fear of judgement. The judgement of being perceived as weak or damaged/flawed/imperfect....

I use to hide all of my percieved physical flaws as if feigning perfection wld make ppl less critical of me. I was wrong. The truth is, there are ppl out here with: physical imparements, in serious financial crisis and 2 seconds from losing it all, incurable diseases, mental health issues, relationship drama, homeless ect... being hyper critical and judgemental of others because it makes THEM feel less horrible abt themselves and or situation. In this case its NOT you, its them. Most ppl want to feel like they are better than someone else. (Que the saying "hurt ppl hurt ppl". #itstrue ) Those folks are miserable and just deflecting their own pain in some way. However, even in understanding that, it never made me feel better abt what was happening.

From childhood to adulthood I was judged/teased/made fun of for my 4c textured hair, my teeth, this hyperpigmentation, my short stature, my itty bitty booty😂, and my weight gain ( by ppl I loved and respected). I use to let some of it fuq with me.... Then I had a "mirror moment". How cld I EVER expect anyone to accept me, if I wasnt "actually" fully accepting myself in some areas? I've learned, that the only way to take back your power, is to be confident AND in full acceptance of yourself and your percieved flaws. Look at your flaws. Touch them. Accept them. Expose them. Kiss them (if you can). LOVE👏 ON👏 THEM👏 thangs👏 because they are a part of you AND add to your uniqueness! At some point in your life, the wrong ppl will try to use them against you and that will crush you, but ONLY IF you havent accepted yourself. But when you are good with you, are able to release fear of judgment and move into a place of TRUE confidence You notice that you begin to navigate the world with more ease and grace. There is strength and freedom in vulnerability and exercising personal truth. Im glad that I arrived here. This mindset makes me more accepting and compassionate towards myself and others. NOW my attitude is 👏 take 👏all 👏of 👏me as I am right now or get NONE of me. Aint no pickin' and choosin'. Oh and I dnt always feel the need to #clapback when someone points out a flaw unless my dark kermit is hungry, then I'm coming for that ass! 😂 #maskoff #loveyodamnself

Naz khalid


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