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Don't Sleep on Yourself

Journal Entry

May 22 2018

Many of you know that this has been my year of #dontsleeponyourself #staywokeonyou. Ive been hashtagging and speaking on it since the beginning of this year. Every year I have a mantra that sets the tone for me... last year, I recognized that i had been claiming ownership over other ppls THOUGHTS abt what AND how I shld and shldnt be doing things and their FEELINGS abt who ( they think) I am and what im doing. I realized I was literally holding myself back from the world and not operating in the fullness of my capacity. Not only was that shit annoying but also extremely limiting. What I knew was that I was making a choice to be in that energy... So I made a different choice. I disconnected from that wishy washy energy, reconnected with my HIGHER purpose and proceeded on. We dnt have to wait on other other ppls permission to be great!

I say to myself regularly:



Do you

Be great


Walk away

Self correct

Do no harm

Take no shit

Stay positive

Do your work

Work on yourself

Stay, if its worth it

Heal yourself, first

Check yourself too

Petition the universe

Operate in excellence

Trust your intuition fully

Shed light in dark places

Have amazing experiences

Complete your divine assignment

Be your complete self, cussin and all

Stay in alignment with your highest self

keep your connection to source strong&open

I am as free of a thinker and person as I know how to be. Im not easily controlled, put down , nor am I easily stifled by others. I work hard for my ppl and for myself. I show respect and love whereever I go. I keep my thoughts focused on what I want, period. I dismiss drama, release ppl that i no longer vibe with, with as much care as they allow and I currently keep my ego on a leash with a muzzle... Because she is still in ego training school... Everything else just falls into place.

There is nothing like knowing who and what you are... Its THEE most liberating feeling. There is something to this aging thing... I feel my shift... I feel my level up. This new cacoon is becoming too small again. I have more awareness of my new and Advanced wings. Im in deep gratitude for ALL of my experiences... The lessons and the blessings.

Thank you for reading,

Djedi Naz

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Elle Williams
Elle Williams
Jun 22, 2020



Ray the Motivator
Ray the Motivator
May 27, 2020

I just got this message from my tarot cards. 😇


Desirae Allen
Desirae Allen
May 23, 2020

I really really needed this. I could literally feel something inside of me rumble, as I continues to read.


Cokoa Ki
Cokoa Ki
May 22, 2020

Liberation. I love that word, such a good feeling word. That word makes my heart smile. 😌💚


Rae Parker
Rae Parker
May 22, 2020

Ameen Asè!!!

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