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Chitika Day
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Peace and blessing family

As a single parent what are boundaries with dating?

When I'm getting to know someone, I feel its important not to have sex so that you cant know them and the trauma they may have or healed. I don't need extra baggage.

They have to live on they own, show me that they can handle themselves.

Have to have a means of getting around on their own.

They have to eat clean or healthy.

My personal experience have molded me to these boundaries. I don't want to take care of a grown man ,how they treat their body say a lot about their mental health. I have two boys and I want them to see health boundaries and relationships.

Gray Fox (KimRenée)
Tiarra's Love
Tiarra's Love
Tiarra's Love
Apr 14, 2021

Boundaries are important I didn’t think of it from that aspect but great to view it from that way as well



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