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Plant Based Recipes

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Cauliflower Quinoa Croquettes... Ingredients: Bunch flat of Italian Parsley 1/2 Red bell pepper 1/2 Orange bell pepper 1/2 Yellow Bell pepper 2 Onions ( Yellow or red) 2 cups of cooked Quinoa Whole head of Cauliflower 2-3 large eggs 2 Cups of Panko Bread Crumbs Thinly dice all veggies and parsley ( with the exception of the cauliflower) place in a bowl and lightly season. Boil Cauliflower until tender Cook Quinoa Mix all together... and continue to season to taste once you have the seasoning right, add eggs or egg replacer like aquafaba tapioca flour mixed with water and panko bread crumbs... Mix Together Well... In a skillet add your choice of healthy cooking oil...and then scoop mixture into hand, form into patty and pan fry until brown on both sides. recipe makes 30 small patties

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