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Exploring the Mother & Father Wound

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Chelsea Arienne
EmotionalWound Guide

Love 💚 and Light ✨ to all. Welcome to the group! I am Chelsea (Chels), and I will be the moderator here. This group was created as a safe space to expose our wounds , process , help each other heal and transform our pain into power. Although we will mainly be discussing the parental wounds , ANYTHING that has caused you emotional pain is relevant here. NOTHING IS TOO SHALLOW OR TOO DEEP. A lot of us were taught to dismiss our hurt , or devalue how we genuinely feel for the sake of keeping the “Mask” in place, but in here , we are bare faced , puffy-eyed , Wound Warriors!

Mask on ????

F*** it MASK OFF !!!!!

Taiylor Springfield
Carl Mitchell


Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...
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