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Your Childhood Trauma Maybe Still With You

Childhood trauma alters your brain and your energy and it doesnt just go away because you grew up and compartmentalized it aka "got over it"👀. How you think abt things and ppl is influenced by it. Sometimes consciously but mostly subconsciously. This is why understanding yourself and your trauma is so damn important. Sometimes a person may be doing/saying something similar to something I experienced as a child and if that energy feels crunchy af, my inner child RESPONDS A-U-T-O-M-A-T-I-C-A-L-L-Y IN SELF DEFENSE. That puts the person on notice that the energy they're giving is incorrect and unacceptable with me. It also shows ME where my inner child does not trust me to handle the situation😅🥴.When im triggered, its usually around the feelings of abuse, abandonment, or neglect.

As a certified shadow worker and Inner child healing therapist, I feel and acknowledge my emotions and then I take a moment to remind myself that I am wanted in the world, loved and cared for by MANY, and supported. Yall, I literally take a moment, in the moment, and think of the ppl in my life that love, honor, and respect me. I set this visual up during my initial inner child healing. I also remind lil Naz that she is safe and that I GOT HER and that I have the situation under control. I have not always been like this. I use to just cuss ppl tf out with big intimidation energy and keep it pushing🥴👀🙈.

I dnt "depend" on anyone else to do my emotional heavy lifting. I just slowly and gently climb myself out of the triggers now and think/journal abt what triggered me and when im able if not in the moment, I have an honest conversation with the other person involved ( if another person is involved) w/o blaming them but rather to seek to understand, to offer understanding, or to (re)set a boundary if necessary.

I also make a note of where the emotional wound is energetically. I do this by evaluating which chakra the energy came from ( you can tell this by which emotion was expressed/felt at the time). Then I get to shadow hunting, balancing/healing that shit.

Listen, I DO THIS EVERYTIME. I have many processes for different human experiences... this is one that is very effective for me.

Aint nothing abt being human or abt being alive simple. I just deal with myself in truth (NO MASK) and grace. I cry my fuqing eyes out when I need to, hug myself, remind myself of my own majesty, and then I apply healing energy to that part myself. Like the sun, I die over and over again, only to be reborn every"day".

If you are shadow working, it IS NOT A ONE AND DONE. It is a consistent intentional process for you that eventually reverberates to those around you.

Im a much better person than I use to be because im consistent with myself, because I WANT to be the best version of myself that I know how to be, for ME.

Im not perfect. I am one part "wounded" healer.

We will not learn or heal if we all keep pretending that we are ok and perfect all while living in a nest of mess. My transparency is a reminder to myself of how human I am "too" and how important that is too. I am not less woman, professional, friend, lover, sister because of my experiences... I'd argue that I'm MORE as a result of my experiences and understanding. So are you😘

I wrote this for me... and eventhough I won't be fielding questions abt this process right now... I hope it helps someone else today.

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1 Comment

Geni A
Geni A
Mar 14, 2021

I definitely needed to see this 🙏🏾✨💞

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