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Tightly Hold On To Yourself

Ever been in a situation... that even if it ended you'd still be grateful to have experienced it? Life has a way of tossing and flailing you about like an 8yr old on the iron wolf roller coaster for the first time... The magic is in holding on tight enough so that you steady yourself during the process. By doing so, you end up successfully sticking out the ride and possibly having an amazing experience and maybe even an invaluable life lesson.

Grateful in this moment for: Dreams that become realities. For visions made clear. For unpacked baggage. For Love ( and all of its varying degrees). For Partnership. For Truth. For (nonjudgmental) observations. For change. For growth. For evolution. For knowing that im enough. For being told no. For being told yes. For patience. For support. For art. For music. For empathy. For knowledge. For Wisdom. For Understanding. For protection. For my home. For my family. For my ancestors. For my Friends. For my Critics. For my strength. For my compassion. For my resilience. I am. Ase'

Naz khalid

Journal Entry

May 15, 2015

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