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Seek No Revenge

Random wake up thoughts after an evening of introspection abt some things... I never seek revenge...I've seen ppls Karma either come so swiftly OR right at the right time for them. So truly, there is no need to ever add to a persons pain in that way. I stay as close to my light as possible (unless other means of self protection are required), I recall my energy and withdraw my attention, genuinely wish ppl well, AND MOVE TF ON. I dnt stew. I have learned to consistently, genuinely and naturally be my current best self, so if things dnt go well I can look at myself and say, I did the BEST that I knew how to do at that time. That honestly makes the process of letting go, easier. You know after the initial feelings of emotional pain, dissappointment and grief pass through me, whiccchhhhh can sometimes be a bear depending on the situation. I always shadow work myself through it though. I feel such a high, when things are made clear and when paths are cleared for me. I know what im here to do... everybody can't come with me, as much as I want them to. Sometimes they are only meant to walk part of the journey with me. Ive learned how to accept this truth. As a result, I force nothing and adjust to the flow w/o engaging or entertaining, with my inner critic. I don't ask my higherself, ancestors, the universe or guides for cheat codes to this game. You know what my number one ask is on a regular basis, in real life?? Guidance. I ask for a clear mind and heart to make the best decisions and to be aware enough to hear, see and intuit WHATEVER universal messages are for me. I also ask for the inner strength to unlock AND carry all of the memories and lifetimes stored inside of my genetic code. Any extras, are just bonuses. Now to be clear, I absolutely won't be mad if I win the lottery! Cause when I do, Imma buy us a damn country, yall!! 😅 Anyway, this is on my mind today because I went to sleep with my earth day on my mind and yes that spiraled me ALL the way here. Somethings have changed and im planning out an alternate bday experience and this got me to thinking abt my life and what's on the otherside of 38... I see some things so dang on clear and some... not so much. 🤷🏾‍♀️ What I know and what's traditionally been true FOR ME, is that everything falls right in line the way its supposed to. I'm glad im able to "see" and so very thankful. I'm energized. I'm happy to be a 5d spirit with a 3d body. I get tired sometimes, but generally im in gratitude, for being able to have this curiously twisted beautiful human experience ( however pls dnt misunderstand I AM absolutely READY to board my spaceship if it comes for me tomorrow 👁👁🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️🏃🏿‍♀️😅). I'm happy to finally say that I know myself. I'm happy that I feel comfortable being myself despite all the ways ppl feel I shld be more like them or someone else. I am here. I GOT this. I CAN do it! I AM DOING IT! Ase'🙏🏾 Happy Friday❤



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