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I Love Me Most

Im blessed by both a persons absence and presence. In absence I have an opportunity to energetically, emotionally and intellectually explore the value and meaning of the relationship. In presence, I have the opportunity to love, appreciate and evolve it.... When I was younger I didnt have a real voice in what happened with me. I didnt have control over my existence in an extreme way. So, as an adult, I have become efficient at exercising my solar plexus, heart and throat chakras by expressing my individual will with love and confidence. This aspect of me, makes some ppl uncomfortable. In this current iteration of my evolution, I HAVE NEVER intentionally tried to manipulate ppl with my behavior or words. I tell ppl especially ppl that I love, when they offend me, hurt my feelings or generally make me uncomfy with their behavior ( in a direct but respectful and loving way). Most ppl close to me know that I have no problem gently having a hard conversation OR apologizing when I know or feel I've mishandled myself or them. I generally hope that when building friendships with others that they operate in the same ways... but its not always the case because we all have our indivual perspectives/filters, control dramas, triggers and traumas right? I understand what it feels like to have a weak solar plexus, heart and throat chakra. I also know, that in order to evolve, you can't play a victim but rather set a standard for self of how you will handle self during challenging situations and be consistent in that while simultaneously working to unblock your energetic flow. With that said, i dnt and will never chase ppl... I understand that sometimes distance is necessary. I allow space for the ppl in my life to be who they need to be, even if that means im not included in the journey. Im learning more and more NOT to take ANYTHING personal. This is who i am now and as sure as I am abt the sun rising in a few hours, is as sure as I am abt the fact that I will continue to evolve in this area. I take friendship and all of my relationships to heart and still I will let you leave. I am currently open to whatever beautiful authentic relationships, partnerships, absences and restorations the year of 3, has for me.



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Jan 26, 2020

Thank you ladies for sharing your experiences. This is something I will start utilizing in my conversations of weight for sure. In my experience I’ve often entered a discussion with the best intentions to be transparent only to leave the other person being offended and me feeling guilty or misunderstood. So maybe this will help in some way


KimRenee this is something I’m still trying to put into regular practice myself. “May I speak freely?”. Matter of fact I have something to deal with tonight that I will try my best to remember to do this.


A lesson I’m glad to have learned from you and Ajna is to ask something like “May I speak freely?” before having heavy conversations so I can move with care for what comes next. It takes getting used to as we’re not taught this in society but it’s helpful.

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