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There are ppl whose lives are in shambles, sitting back judging every move you make. Jealousy is a primal human emotion associated with an out of balance Heart Chakra. Haters arent really haters, they are misguided fans with an inbalance in their naval, heart, and throat chakras. The truth is, they are actually inspired by you, but are equally unable to activate themselves in their own power. This is where YOUR patience and compassion comes in to play.

Don't allow them to get you upset. Stay in your power. Let their words, pretending, pettiness (and the like) float by you like dandelion spores on a windy day. Remain calm and remember that at the core, nothing is personal. Every human being is having their own divine 3d experience. Stay focused on your mission and continue sprinkling A.P.E dust ( all positive everything) in your footsteps. It rubs off on others, eventually. #bethelight

Journal Entry

June 12th, 2018


Naz Khalid

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