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Assumptions Are the Lies We Tell Ourselves

The mind is a matrix and will make up all kinds of things in the absence of information. The absence of information, often times causes us to make up scenarios, makes us believe that we can read minds, it will cause us to assume and flesh out in detail other ppls intentions, plans, motivations, feelings, and thoughts. Assumptions can become projections in a moments notice. Assumptions will have you concentrating on things that DO NOT MATTER for extended periods of time. Think abt your last break up and all of the ruminating you found yourself in thinking abt what the other person was doing not doing, who they were with or not with, saying or not saying, thinking or not thinking, feeling or not feeling.

Ive gotten to a point where ive learned to ask the hard ?'s when I feel unsure abt something or someone. Because the simple fact that I am unsure means something is off. Asking helps me decide if im projecting or sensing.

In my young adult life I disappointed MYSELF by not taking the time to just ask what a person meant when they said or did a thing. Regardless of what I am assuming, at least by asking I gain clarity, correction, or confirmation.

If Im ever afraid to ask questions, then I ask myself, "are you afraid to ask for fear of being correct (or wrong), or is it core wound fear of upsetting, losing, or being rejected by that person?

If I choose NOT to ask but have made an assumption, then I check in w/ my gut and decide if its because I got a weird vibe. I literally ask myself " is this person/situation, incorrect?" The gut is a primal response system and responds exclusively to energy. If my gut says yes or mmmhmmm, then regardless of my assumption, I know im not supposed to be around the person or environment.

Part of healing means that you choose to no longer follow or be a slave to your childhood programing. Being told as a child "Speak when spoken to!" Do as I say not as I do." "Don't question me!" "Don't question my authority!" That's programming. By choosing to push through personal uneasiness, insecurity, and trauma consistently, you will begin to feel more secure in yourself and in your position in the world.


Djedi Naz 🖖🏾

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