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The emotion of anger is associated with the Root chakra, which is associated with the color red and is very powerful. It is ONE of the most powerful emotions that we can feel and express. When we are unable to transmute the energy of anger into power ( power being an energy that works for us) it literally works against our highest good. Unresolved anger has the ability to cause unrest or disease in the body, usually in the genital system and or abdomen/ stomach, area as well as the mind .

I always say to myself in moments that I feel anger or it's byproducts of frustration and annoyance, that it's ok for me to experience the emotion, however I mustn't attach myself to the feeling and allow it to drag on and on and on. Acceptance of what is has the capacity to assist me in releasing the feeling. When faced with anger I think and or do a few things to bring myself back into a place of power.

The Deepak Chopra S T O P Approach

Generally used when in I'm the heat of a moment.


2. TAKE 3 deep pranic breaths. Breathing gently in through my nose and out through my mouth.

When I do this, I invite life giving, life force energy to enter and move through my body. This relaxes my brain and every part of my body.

3. OBSERVE quickly how I'm feeling and why

4. PROCEED with love

The extended version of the Deepak Approach ( but customized to my current level of understanding) #AfterTheHeatOfTheMoment

1. I attempt to calmly access why i'm mad aka why was I triggered? Where do/did I feel the energy of anger in my body? Tummy? Chest, throat, head? What was the trigger?

Usually ppl become angry when something is not done the way they want or expect it to be done or when something doesn't go their way. So I question, am I angry because I lost or dnt have control in or of this situation? I have to keep it real with myself here because its the only way I can bring healing to myself.

2. What unresolved trauma was/ is being agitated? Why is control of the person, place, or thing so important to me?

I recall that the only person that I can control is myself. So then I practice some immediate self control by sitting (if I'm standing), relaxing my face, using a hand mudra and deep breathing .

3. I bring to mind one of my master teachers who taught me years ago that "every person is doing the best that they can do, at the time that they are doing anything". I then remember that every person is living their own life experience, that has nothing to do with me; As a result, its wise to be in acceptance of that and not take their behaviors personally, as personal as it may feel in the moment. Also during this time, I can decide if I need to be the change in the situation and leave it completely, if it is not in alignment with me. This brings the power back to me without me thinking the other person needs to change for me.

This process can take days, because in the process I have to: keep checking my ego, work through my grief around the situation, release my attachment to the feelings, forgo my anxiety abt the future and stay present. However, this is the deeper work that realigns and heals me.

4. Talk it all the way through with the other person ( if I truly value our relationship) or as most ppl negatively refer to it "go back and forth" a bit, in order to achieve understanding and to be understood. Offer or be open to receiving genuine apology, if necessary. Reconcile, if possible.

The dark mother Goddess Kalimah aka " in the mood to burn some shit down" aka "oops you caught me on a day that my pressure cooker was full, APPROACH.

1. I tap into the energy of my root chakra, evoke the spirit of the dragon, unleash my inner hulk and pull out my methaphorical sword of fire and transformation and off with your head. 💅

While this approach is initially very effective, it can have grave consequences. So I do MY BEST to only use this method when the energy of fire is necessary to transform what currently is.

Most ppl, in my limited experience, respond best to the Kalimah approach and if after doing my best to be reasonable and talk through things sensibly doesn't work and/or me walking away doesn't work, THEN I may find it necessary to pull out my sword of fire and transformation...and while it is usually my very last option, It is the tool I'm the most practiced and skilled with and most ppl don't even know until they experience it.

I actually use to start with this approach, now I don't because I am more healed in my lower Chakras. My heart chakra is unblocked. My throat chakra is balanced. My godself is stronger than my egoic self and is operating my crown.

Listen now, do I ALWAYS get it right?? Certainly not, but I have tools in my life bag that assist me in making decisions that are god and heart led.

Learning how to control myself vs others has been a practice that I'm sure I will spend my lifetime mastering. For others on this journey, I suggest you start small and build up. Use your sword as a last resort because the consequences of using it are often times irrevicable.

Remember, most situations are not problems but rather opportunities for improvement and understanding. In all things do your best and let you INNER G, lead. 🕉

"Church is wherever you and God are present which is everywhere all the time." -me

Journal Entry


Naz Khalid

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