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A Prayer (of sorts)

I honestly feel like I die a thousand deaths every night and wake up renewed every morning. Always checking my reality. Asking for the strength and guidance and support to continue to operate from my higher self in the face of my impetuous egotistical lower self. To continue to create opportunities in order to do the work I know im supposed to be doing. To operate from the love end of the spectrum even when im greeted from the fear end of the spectrum. To be my authentic self even when im positioned or expected to be and act otherwise. For universal and earthly support so that I may truly use all my gifts to support and help ( not enable or disable) others. To have humility, dignity, integrity, honor and nobility even when its not respected or when its met with a side eye and a dial to tone down my hyper sensitivity. Im hard on myself and serious abt being genuinely good to myself and others to the best of my ability. Between last night and this morning as my mind raced to understand my emotions and purpose in the lives of the ppl ive met since ive been in Vegas and while making my request to my higher self and the universe... I internally felt myself Scatter into a million light particles that cld have easily dissipated into dark numbness... But instead, i phoenixed again. I pulled myself all back together and set the intention that i will have the clarity, wisdom, proper response, action, and know how to do the work set before me whenever and however. i guess most of us do this everyday... Its an interesting thing to be able to name it. "from the night will arise the sweet dawn" ~L boogie.

Naz khalid


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