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Chitika Day
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Peace and blessing,

How is everyone ? How is the children ? Any new plan with them and the holidays?

I've been home schooling with the day care still trying to fine a balance . I plan to celebrate kawanza this year

I have to apologize to you all I haven't been attentive they way I feel I need to be.

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It’s okay. We all out here doing some tight rope walking with life! I just had a baby and I’m relearning and releasing a lot of things. My children are well, but sometimes I find myself yelling at them still. I try not to yell, it’s not loving. My second child just had her 1st gymnastics meet. She did very well. Which is great, given the fact that I loved my entire life from the islands to the US for this opportunity. This Holiday we will celebrate by learning more about the Native people of this area, as well as more information about the so called black people and their true native origins.



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