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Chitika Day
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Today I was in the store gettung a few things, when i seen a police officer and a gut talking a teen boy in to going home he had lock himself in the bathroom of the store, tell him we been looking for you all week, your mother love you... all I can do is think of my own children, hoping things won't ever get that bad ,they feel they want to runaway. I know I'm not perfected I'm growing every day, i feel I've already done better than my mother.. I remind my children how much i love them I let them speaks freely on there feelings. I do not put my hands on my children, i use to and i would leave marks on my oldest ,it hurt my heart.. They finally was able to get him out of the bathroom and go home.. I was greatful but i dont feel they got to the bottom of why he felt he needed to run away.


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