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Chitika Day
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Message of the day. Be the parent you needed growing up. Often times we forget that children are little people ,they have feelings just like we do, they go through stuff as we do , so when your baby come home from school or daycare ask them how was there day , set aside time to show Interest. Most of the time when kids throw fits or act out it's because they need attention, and they know throwing a fit gets it. Last night my oldest son was talking reckless to the kids I was babysitting, i had to pull him to the side and ask what's going on, he told me he was tried of kids always at the house. I had to reflect on it because they are, i run a day care from home and when i close my kids know that's there time with me and he didn't get that. I have to apologize to him because I didn't think about how he felt and the space he needed. I dont ever want him to feel like his feelings dont matter. A mothers reflections, Chitika Day

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