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Plant Based Recipes

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MY FAVORITE SALAD😋 Kale and CousCous Salad Ingredients: 1 cup couscous soaked in purified water enough to cover it. 1 Bunch of Organic Curly Kale 1 bell pepper of each color ✅Red ✅Orange ✅Yellow 1/4 Red onion diced Oregano to taste 1 clove elephant garlic ( as much garlic as you like really) Toasted Sesame Oil Rice wine vinegar Directions: CousCous Soak couscous in purified water for 30 minutes. After soaking, drizzle toasted sesame oil and liquid aminos sparingly over soaked couscous and fluff with fork. Taste Add all other ingredients to couscous salad except kale. Kale Clean and Massage kale thoroughly (while sanging to it)with toasted sesame oil ( yes it HAS TO BE TOASTED)tear pieces so they are a lil bit bigger than bite size and drizzle with rice wine vinegar and evenly distribute. Apply kale on top of couscous and enjoy! Note: Do not store couscous and Kale together as it will become mushy. Below is a picture of what your Kale shld look like after you rub it down. Dnt skip that part. Rub every leaf and sing a lil happy song while doing it😍 Your body will thank you #EnergyworkandFood

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