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Plant Based Recipes

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Mock Tuna Salad! Can sub as tuna salad in any tuna salad recipe. #Lunch #NoMeatRequired #VeganNoms #EatToLive Recipe modified from Chef Keidi's recipe for "untuna". Ingredients: Carrot pulp ( left over from juicing) Scallions Chives Freshly flat Parsley Red bell pepper Celery Jalapeño pepper 1 hydrated Nori seaweed wrap ( hydrate for 20 mins in bowl of purified water. SqueeZe water out chop and add to mix) Vegan mayo Lemon pepper Original Ms. dash Pink Himalayan sea salt For extra flavor and minerals add some powdered Irish seamoss. This can also dub. The nori seaweed if you dnt have any Directions Eye ball everything 😅 chop finely. Put in a bowl together. season to taste. Mix it up. Voila 😅💜. Seen below as mock sushi rolls

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