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Plant Based Recipes

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* RECIPE BELOW* Bon Appetit! #homemade beats eating out any day! Its cheaper, better for you, and you get to be creative! Took me less than an hour to prepare, the quinoa linguine is tender and the vegan Alfredo sauce is great ( it has a cashew base and has sugar in it so of you have allergies or sensitivities stay away from it).#NoMeatRequired The recipe! The pasta ingredients: 1 Can of artichoke hearts ( use three artichokes fromthe can and slice down the middle so you end up with 6 pieces), 5 stalks of Fresh asparagus(chop off the very bottom and then chop the rest into quarters) 2Cloves Fresh garlic (sliced) 1 Fresh diced roma tomato , 3 BIG Fresh Portabelo mushrooms ( three slices chopped), 1/2 bunch of fresh flat Italian parsley ( cleaned, and roughly chopped do NOT sub with the curly parsley), 1/2 jar of and vegan artichoke Alfredo sauce... 1/2 box of Quinoa linguine pasta! Directions: Boil Quinoa/Corn Blend pasta as directed on box, but add 3 extra minutes of cook time so that it is cooked a bit past the aldente point... because its too chewy at that aldente point for me. add 2 pinches of coarse sea salt to the water. * meanhile* Slice garlic in thin slices ( dont dice it, slice it) Chop all of the veggies listed above. Not too small In 2 table spoons of oil and on medium heat add garlic.. let cook for 2 minutes until translucent. add mushroom, asparagus, artichoke, and chopped parsley. Season with your favorite season... be sure NOT to over salt! (I used this new garlic seasoning i got and greek seasoning). Place a lid on the top so that the asparagus cooks through. shld take about 5minutes or so for the veggies to steam up nicely. Add 1/2 jar of alfredo sauce to the veggie mix and THEN add the chopped tomatos. reduce heat to warm and do NOT place lid back on. drain pasta, and toss with a bit of olive oil. fork pasta onto plate and then add veggie mix on top. feel free to add a lil bid of SHREDDED parm ( not finely grated parm) to the top and extra parsly for a punch of flavor and color. and viola! all done! easy tasty vegetarian friendly meal!

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