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Plant Based Recipes

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Orzo pasta salad. My cucumber went bad😭 so I threw it out but here's the recipe. Oh ya I don't measure ingredients lol Total recipe time 20 min Orzo pasta Cherry tomatoes Zucchini Onion Avocado Green olives Fresh Basil Lemon juice Oil from spicy Portuguese olives ( can use olive or grapeseed oil) Black pepper Himalayan pink salt Paprika Cayenne Pepper Dried oregano Dried sage Season pasta water (optional but not really, y'all need to season and taste throughout) Cook pasta to al dente then drain allow to cool Chop or dice veg, avocado and mix add lemon juice to veg Mix in orzo add oil Season and taste Add olives mix Add basil Mix taste, season and serve For better flavour refrigerate and serve

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