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Plant Based Recipes

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Has anyone ever prep cooked breakfast sandwiches or breakfast meals? Best thing EVER! For my body chemistry breakfast not lunch is my most important meal of the day... ( look into the company habit to learn more abt what your specific body needs) anyway... I made some homemade vegetarian breakfast sandwiches slightly vacuum sealed them and froze them. That with some medicinal tea or a smoothie in the morning is just what my busy life needs every damn day😁! So every Sunday, I be prepping my plant based breakfast for the week. I've used... "Just egg", vegan eggs made out of mung beans Real eggs sometimes Vegan cheese Mini home made black bean patties as sausage substitutes Immaculate brand biscuits in a can👀🤓 Hand made quinoa patties Tortilla shells Salsa Some deep color or yellow potato Ive made breakfast Casseroles And Quiches And I put it together however I like, portion it out seal freeze and toss it in the oven In the morning while doing other stuff. I'm a fan of savory foods... so that's my go to That and smoothie bowls or oatmeal style Quinoa.

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Djedi Naz
Oct 01, 2020

Aquafaba ( the liquid from a can of chick peas or the liquid left over from cooking beans) or I believe that's arrowroot powder I have under the cabinet🤔 imma check and confirm later.



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