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Plant Based Recipes

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Peace y'all, idk if y'all have heard of iamtabithabrown on Instagram but I saw one of her videos for VEGAN TACOS. she used pecans y'all... PECANS! I decided to give it a shot. All she did was soak the pecans for 30 mins to 3 hours. Boil them with spices ( I boiled mine with whatever I would have used for a marinade) Drain off the water and pop them in a food processor with onion, liquid amino, mushrooms, taco seasoning, sweet pepper and some other seasonings cause that's her business.😂 Process the items to a ground beef consistency Fry the mixture in a pan with oil and add more seasoning if needed. VEGAN TACO MEAT DONE! I topped my taco with regular tacos stuff, lettuce, guac, roasted mushrooms..YALL.... IT WAS SOOO BOMB. IT TASTE JUST LIKE MEAT. The taco seasoning helped bring out the savory flavours and the pecans still had bite to it. I'm going to used the extra filling for a lasagna later in the week. But here's a pic of the "meat". I was so hungry I forgot to take a pic of the tacos lol. Enjoy. If you make it I would love to see photos.

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