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Plant Based Recipes

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Walnut Meat Tacos Ingredients: •2 cups walnuts, soaked overnight •2-3 TBS liquid aminos or some other savory seasoning agent of your choice •2 Tbsp ground cumin •1 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil •1 tsp paprika •1 tsp oregano •salt and pepper to taste ¼ tsp chipotle OR cayenne *SN: You can sub all of the dry seasoning for 1 package of taco seasoning of your choice. I just like to make my own stuff from scratch. Directions: Drain walnuts. Then put everything in a food processor and get into a “ground beef” like texture. Then put the mixture in the shell of your choice i.e. a cabbage leaf, romaine, or uncooked organic corn tortilla, put on all of your favorite taco fix ins' and Enjoy! Honestly, I never measure my spices in any of my recipes so the measurements above are just a guide. Season to your own taste, make it your own and it will be even more fabulous. this recipe can be made 100,000 ways! I have used it not only to make a vegan taco meat but also, vegan meat balls, nut-loaf,lasagna filling, nachos, salad crumbles, etc depending on what I have a taste for. All you have to do is change the seasoning to match what you are cooking. This is SUPER EASY, filling, and delicious💜

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