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Exploring the Mother & Father Wound

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I truly try my hardest not to repost my business stuff into these groups, but today this was on my mind and after reading through some of the posts on here, I felt it was needed I have had to face my own parental wounds which Self-Acceptance was my greatest lesson. It took until falling susceptible to a narcisstoic relationship with my child’s father for me to TRULY Accept myself. Prior to even meeting him, I had to face my own parental wounds for which I accepted that they were too human and couldn’t cover all the lessons that life had to teach me. It took for me to have my child and be in an emotionally/mentally abusive relationship for me to REALLY and Wholeheartedly ACCEPT myself. I cannot express it enough of how grateful I am for my son and even the foolishness of his father to get me to truly Accept me. I am still learning and unlearning, but I have my son and the power of Self-Love to motivate me to continue this path.💙

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