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Exploring the Mother & Father Wound

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Chelsea Arienne
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Peace to all.... I just wanted to share


Although no longer necessary , I find myself still craving some kind of admiration from my Parents. My mother is a very damaged woman and dwells in fear and illusion . My father is so trapped with the prison of his mind he always isolated himself , over a decade in prison left him with so much disdain and distrust for people that even I feel like hes always side eyeing me. I’ve always felt like he treated me more like a “babymama” rather than his actual child .... nonetheless I’ve been working so hard to heal and break the cycles that I’ve finally started taking steps for ME ! Recently I started a business and fathers ex-best friend has been extremely supportive and encouraging. The other day he messaged me to say he was so proud of me and what I’m doing and it hit me like a ton of bricks , i was filled with gratitude and sadness in the same moment cuz all I can think is why can’t I ever hear these words from my own dad or mom . I’m learning to accept that I may never hear those kinds of words of love, pride , and admiration but Im finally becoming ok with that. I have been pouring the admiration I craved as a child (and an adult) into my little ones . I want them to overflow , so they may never feel empty or less than . i say all this as a reminder to take a moment to really pat yourself on the back , love on you , admire you , and dont let anything get in the way !

Love 💚 and Light ✨ my fellow Wound Warriors

(excuse any typos , I didn’t edit jus typed from the heart )

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