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Im abt to take an inventory real quick of what I have here food and water wise and the type of 1 pot meals that can be made. Survivalists say you mininally need enough food and water for a week for everyone in your house hold including your pets. I gallon of water, per person, per day. Im looking at my Dry goods Canned goods Frozen goods Dehydrated goods Herbs Spices All veggies that are getting old, go into the dehydrator. Also, If the grocery stores have run out of water.. go get some 5 gallon jugs or 1 gallon jugs and go to the water stores to fill up. Also, dont forget abt the latin and Indian grocery stores for your needs. If you have a dehydrator you can prolong the life of your veggies by dehydrating them and rehydrating them later. If you dnt, you can dehydrate in the oven.. it just uses more energy and takes a lil longer. If nothing happens... then you have what you need for the next few weeks and youre organized 💜 Dnt panic, just prepare yourself and your family. 💪🏾

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